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Monthly Archives: March 2012


I realized, while we were visiting my friend in her home in the woods of Asheville, North Carolina, a lot of things about myself.  It was quite a life-changing visit, actually.  I remembered a lot of things I want– like local food, a garden, a simple, bright home, access to woods and music and festivals, […]

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Ashton loves watching my sister, a professional belly dancer in Sacramento, in her videos on YouTube. She misses you, Mychelle, and still practices the moves you taught her.  We hope we can learn more from you soon… and see you, snuggle you, laugh with you, play with you, and enjoy you.

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monster pillow

In the wake of the exciting doll bed project, Cedar decided it was his turn to make a creation of his own.  With fabric, fabric markers and stuffing, together we created his very own monster pillow.  Very cool, a little scary, highly snuggly, and very much his.

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a bed for her doll

While Matt is away, my focus shifts away from managing our foursome, making tasty meals, supporting Matt, corralling everyone where we all need to be, and keeping the house tidy, and rests more upon noticing and addressing my own needs and wants, working on projects I haven’t had time for, and keeping our kids engaged […]

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These photos portray much of what the kids and I have been doing with our days lately: making lots of new friends and developing relationships with the people we know, going outside (parks, pools, beach, or woods), enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, and sometimes playing on and under giant trees like these.  I’ve been really […]

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The weather has warmed here in Jacksonville.  I’m not sure it ever gets as warm in Montana as it has in this area, and it’s only the very start of spring (mid-March at the time of these photos).  Right now is, I’m pretty sure the locals would agree, the perfect time of year here– warm […]

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backyard woods

One of the things I know about myself is that I LOVE watching my children head outside for adventuring, especially if the adventuring can happen in the woods.  I long for a day when our backyard (these photos are actually from a friend’s backyard) is filled with woods, leaves, sticks, flowers, things to find, places […]

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She loves stickers.  Makes art with them for hours at a sitting.  Pages and pages of art made with the inspiration these little sticky pictures.  It’s especially exciting for her because her cousin Mailli has the same stickers!  This set was a seriously awesome find– and it makes my heart happy to see her so […]

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