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This month begins the rest of our year– of Matt being away at sea, that is.  That calendar up there?  The blacked out days are his “underways” (on the ship at sea– meaning not at home), then in August he’ll leave for 7 months.  I’m trying not to think much about it quite yet, and frankly there isn’t much I can do other than breathe and let it go, or laugh, or just go ahead and enjoy what I’m given as best I can.  When I do stop to let it sink in, I find I have so many questions…  How will this affect me, our children, us?  How will I/he/we handle it?  How do I live my life and raise my kids without my buddy and partner?  What will I find about myself in the process?  What will it take for us to open up to our life as it is, even when we don’t want it this way?  How will I nurture my own spirit, all our spirits, as we walk this path?

I’m about to find out…

Jenn - Hugs. It must be hard for you to see those blacked out days on the calendar. And, as much as everyone looks forward to summer, see August coming all too quickly.

I hope you find a way to nuture your spirit and your family, I'm sure you will.

Just Rhonda - wow that seems overwhelming!!!!! Good luck and i hope you find some time just for you.

Michelle - Oh wow. Wow. I have no idea how that'd be to have my husband gone for so long. From what I gather about you through your blog you are a strong woman though. I know you will find a way to nurture and connect and that this time will be successful despite the hardships. (((hugs)))

Andrea - Oh my! That's a lot of blacked-out days on the calendar. I think Michelle said it best, from what I've read on your blog you ARE a strong woman. You will find your spirit and your family's spirit. I'm sure it won't be easy, but I'm fairly certain a lot of us bloggy friends will be praying for you while your husband it gone. I will keep you in my prayers, friend. You will learn much about yourself while he is gone. My husband worked in Denver for seven months back in 2009-2010. It was very hard, I won't lie. But I finally realized I was a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. And that experience has shaped who I am today. It is part of the story He is writing that is my life. It will be part of your story and your kids' as well. He will see you through.

Tracey - Oh J. I cried when I read this. I don't blame you for looking at those blacked out days and feeling the burden of them. I wish we could all be there to help the time move faster!
Praying for his Spirit to sustain you, give you energy and emotional fortitude.

Heidi - I have a hard time when my husband goes hunting for a week – I can't imagine having him gone that long. I'm sure it will be a growing experience for all of you and your spirit will definitely become stronger because of it.

stacey - You can do this. Yes, it totally sucks. And it's not fair. And it won't be easy. But you will have your kids and they will have you and you will cherish those times when he is home. And as for those 7 months…well, I am praying for you and will continue to pray for you. You are strong, Jessica. You will find the strength.

I wish we all lived closer so we could be there for you PHYSICALLY instead of just out in the interwebs! (hugs)

Heather M. - oh my. i can't imagine. thinking of you as you face this next month and then the coming months after.

ZeldaMom - My husband traveled a Lot when our kids were young, and it was very difficult to do all on my own. (Fortunately, he was just in one of the surrounding states).
You are strong and will only grow stronger (His spirit will be with you).
I'm betting this blog will be a great help.

liza - Your speaking my language, friend. My husband has been away since September and will continue to be in and out of our lives for the next two years. We have a long road ahead of us…all we can do is hold on to our support group as tight as we can. Hugs to you and the kids. Praying that you get through the underways and deployment unscathed.

sara - i love what everyone has written here… it totally sucks, but you are strong and beautiful and will get through it!
you and your kids will help eachother through it AND you will treasure the time that you do have all together.

praying for you!

Amanda Kelley - I always wondering how couples do this—I mean be so gone from each other so long, you guys have what it takes and the kids too fuel you in those in between times. I see spirit in this post, but also strength!

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