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exploding bag bombs

When Cedar and his dad are together I really never know what to expect.  The two of them are so much alike, they get into all sorts of fun and interesting explorations and conversations, and they come up with some crazy ideas together.  At some point we chatted with Cedar about Fifty Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do, and after debating about which activity to do (break some glass? light some stuff on fire? find an underground tunnel? lick some batteries?) they settled on doing more Bombs in a Bag.  It’s always fun to mix up ingredients, hurl bags outside, and watch them explode, right?

liza - Looks like fun!

Michelle - My 12 year old is reading over my shoulder telling me “we should try that.”

me: silence

him: “shouldn’t we?”

me: 😉 hahaha!

Love it.

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