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We went on a trip to a park recently (I took the phone along and had fun taking pictures that way) and had a fun time playing and walking together in this lovely and new-to-us forest.  Before our walk we visited a ramshackle looking nature center at the start of our path.  Upon entering the center we found that the park ranger was just starting a class, called Artful Science, on learning about and drawing several native animals.  We spontaneously agreed to join the class, took our seats, learned a thing or two about gray foxes, armadillos, and alligators, drew some pictures, and found out there are quite a few opportunities for this kind of learning at local parks.  I think, especially while Matt is away and I’m looking for things to do, I and my kids will join these rangers again to learn about animals and plants in Florida.

And then we went on our walk.

The first two photos in my collage are actually me cheating– I needed more photos to fill in the collage so I used photos taken earlier rather than from our woods trip.  I think they still fit, though: the Love drawing fits nicely, of course, and although the beach photo was taken awhile ago, we did the same exact thing just days ago at the beach.  So there, they fit.

Andrea - Very cool you got to be part of the class! Sounds interesting.
And I love this collage! I remember seeing a lot of these on IG. That second photo is just too cute.

stacey - Love seeing your phone photos in this collage!

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