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coffee and chocolate

French press coffee, hot chocolate, “liquid truffle” (imagine a small cup filled with warm, thick, melted, rich chocolate– um, wow), and a good friend at a lovely little shop in Asheville.  It was really just right.  And to top it all off, my friend taught me about the wonders of the stovetop espresso percolator (if you like french press coffee, believe it or not, this is even better); now I have purchased one and am indulging in the rich, flavorful coffee on a daily basis (found it at Target for $10).  It’s just one of those things when once you’ve tried it you can never go back, and, oh my, it is good.

ZeldaMom - I love the lighting, it's soothing.

Anna - Is this the same thing as this? They use this kind of contraption in Europe a lot and I am curious to try it! There is something about a slow, hot, quiet cup of coffee with a friend. It's life at
it's finest.

Jessica - Looks the same to me, Anna. My friend called it an Italian espresso maker. It's worth it!

mailli - OMYGOODNES!!!!!!!!

Andrea - You had me at coffee and chocolate. 😉 I may have to check out this percolator. The french press is just darn messy to clean-up. Lovely mood in these photos. Great processing.

LIza - The expresso maker is a staple in my home. But i have tosay these shots make me feel like i'm there with you. Love them!

Tracey - I love these black and white images. 🙂

stacey - Coffee and chocolate??? Yes, please!

Adore the light in these photos, Jessica. Beautiful black and whites.

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