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She loves stickers.  Makes art with them for hours at a sitting.  Pages and pages of art made with the inspiration these little sticky pictures.  It’s especially exciting for her because her cousin Mailli has the same stickers!  This set was a seriously awesome find– and it makes my heart happy to see her so engrossed, creative, and excited.

stacey - Ha! Evie has that exact same sticker book! She would draw and play with markers and stickers and colors all day if I let her (and sometimes I do :).

Andrea - Girls love their stickers! Max has a few sticker books but doesn’t play with them much. I remember I used to collect stickers when I was little. Had books and books of them.

mailli - Has she made any books?!?!
Those kind of stickers are SOOO fun!!!!!

Marvett Smith - Oh I love her imagination! These are some of my very favorite moments as a mom to just sit back and watch their innocence. Beautiful images!

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