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One of the things I know about myself is that I LOVE watching my children head outside for adventuring, especially if the adventuring can happen in the woods.  I long for a day when our backyard (these photos are actually from a friend’s backyard) is filled with woods, leaves, sticks, flowers, things to find, places to hide, wildness and freedom.  I don’t know when that dream will come, and I do hope we can live in that place while our children are still young, but I know I want to be that mom whose homeschooled children are able to whip outside the house on their own, into our backyard woods, and learn about the things of nature.  I’m holding the vision.

ZeldaMom - That sounds fabulous.
I keep dreaming of acreage and rolling hills with a huge pond or stream…I'm still waiting.
If that is your dream, go for it and don't let it slip away.
I bet they could stay out there the entire day and not be bored.

Michelle - I'm so jealous of the short sleeves and no jackets in this.

Andrea - I wish I had the boy who loved the outdoors. Unfortunately he takes after me. 😉 And it's even more unfortunate because our backyard is up against a huge greenbelt…so much exploring back there.

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