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The weather has warmed here in Jacksonville.  I’m not sure it ever gets as warm in Montana as it has in this area, and it’s only the very start of spring (mid-March at the time of these photos).  Right now is, I’m pretty sure the locals would agree, the perfect time of year here– warm evenings with kids playing outdoors, cool breezes mixed with warm sun, very little humidity, bugs still building their nests or dormant.  It’s the kind of weather you feel like you need to be out enjoying, whether it’s a walk or a bike ride, a chat with the neighbors, a trip to the park, or a visit to a still quiet beach.  I hear things deteriorate quickly around here come summer (bugs, heat, humidity), so we’ll enjoy it while we can.

Jenn - That weather definitely looks like summer weather for us. Love them all but especially the shell one.

Michelle - I’m so jealous of this place you live in. Oh my gosh. When I saw the first picture I was smitten but then when I realized it was at the sandy beach my heart flipped. So very awesome! Love the kids in these. 🙂

rhonda - oh my i’d love to experience your spring 🙂 Totally looks like summer for us! Great shots of the beach! MY kids would be in heaven climbing on those rocks!

Tracey - I can feel the warmth in these photos! I especially love the one of her holding the shell. Enjoy your spring weather while you have it!

Andrea - These are lovely…I can almost feel the sun shining on me. You can bet I’ll be back to look at these some more. 🙂

ZeldaMom - Ah, dawns the light…you are from Montana, now stationed in Florida. So, have you spent a summer in Florida, or will this be your first?
It sounds like your first…hmmm…I think you’re going to be surprised, bwaaaahhaaaa

ZeldaMom - Oops, sorry, the beach photos are super. I’d rather be there than raking my yard.

LIza - It ABSOLUTELY IS the best time of year in Florida. We’re having the same weather in west palm beach. Love the Spring!!! These pictures are gorgeous!

Heidi - Your spring sounds like ours – enjoy the nice weather because it deteriorates quickly! Wish we had a beach to escape to!

sara - sooo…i’m thinking a linked 52 meet up is in order, and i think your little beach there is the perfect place! 🙂
it’s just beautiful.

enjoy that perfect spring weather!

oh, and the shell one is my favorite too…that one, and the one with your little guy sitting on the edge of the rocks. love!!

stacey - Love the shell one, too.

So happy for your lovely Florida weather.

Heather M. - oh my gosh, soooo gorgeous! wish i was there right now.

Kristin - that’s it, I’m booking a flight! I want to bask in the sun on the rocks ant the beach!

Marvett Smith - Ooo, I love these. Looks so warm! Gorgeous images!

Naomi - Sigh…i would like to be transported there right now. These are beautiful. The shell one is awesome!

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