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a bed for her doll

While Matt is away, my focus shifts away from managing our foursome, making tasty meals, supporting Matt, corralling everyone where we all need to be, and keeping the house tidy, and rests more upon noticing and addressing my own needs and wants, working on projects I haven’t had time for, and keeping our kids engaged and occupied.  I’m sure that as the days, weeks and months pass while Matt is away this year (by the way, he is now deploying in June rather than August, potentially for a longer time, yippee), I will become more tuned in to those things about my children and me that surface: our ideas, our wants and needs, our fears and sadnesses, our workings as a team, and lots more.
During these days of just the three of us, I’ve been focusing on doing more projects with the kids, which we all really enjoy.  On this day Ashton and I decided to make a bed for her precious glass doll.  With a shoebox, fabric, lace and hot glue we created a sweet little bed complete with headboard, mattress, pillow, and blanket.  Ashton was so happy that day, and it made my heart happy to see my own precious little one playing with her doll.

mailli - Thats the prettiest doll bed I ever saw!

Andrea - This is very sweet. You are quite creative. 🙂 I'm sure you have to learn to be creative when you're husband is gone that long. Eric will be traveling more now, and in some crazy way when he is gone and it's just Max and I, we tend to do different, more fun stuff. Probably because if I didn't I'd go a little crazy. Hang in there momma. Know that I will be praying for you and your family.

stacey - This is so so sweet, Jessica. And it matches her nightgown! Perfect!

PS…Thank you for the photo! I showed Evie today and she said, "She's mailing me a letter????". She was so excited. 🙂

Tracey - I read your posts every day, though I am often viewing them on my phone so commenting is laborious and slow. So hence, the commenting deluge now. 🙂
Anyway, my Bean would absolutely go ga-ga over this! I think I will have to show her.

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