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I realized, while we were visiting my friend in her home in the woods of Asheville, North Carolina, a lot of things about myself.  It was quite a life-changing visit, actually.  I remembered a lot of things I want– like local food, a garden, a simple, bright home, access to woods and music and festivals, a community of like-minded folk, artists, musicians, and people engaged in and excited about their lives, working together to create a city they want to raise their children in.  I remembered how much I enjoyed living in Missoula, Montana, the college town where Matt and I met and spent years meeting cool people and doing interesting things in the community.  I remembered the way my old friend used to (and did again during our visit) help me see past my own bubble of a world, let go, and live with a more expansive vision of what’s possible.  I had forgotten about some of those parts of my life, of myself, it seems, over the past several years, and especially after these last two years of Navy change and breast cancer.  I’ve been looking for these pieces of myself, and finally I may have rediscovered them, for now.

At first I thought maybe I should move asap to this town or one like it and start having my dream, and though I still want to do that (in fact, I’m planning on it), I am realizing that I can still live those purposes and do my best to create the life I want right here where I’m planted.  There are amazing people and interesting opportunities all around me, right now.  So while I hold my vision of the place I want to be, I will practice creating that life, however I can, now.

Jenn - Beautiful words, and I love the selfie. Sounds like it was amazing time of discovery for you guys – enjoy your planning for the future as well as your planning on living your purpose where you are.

Michelle - First, Missoula is awesome. Second, I love what you say about creating that life NOW, where you are. It's hard to do and I struggle with wanting to live in a place where it comes more naturally. But I then remember that God has me where I am and it's rich in it's own way. I love the selfie. 🙂

Tracey - So cool to see you working through your dreams and realities and making decisions to live a good life, despite where you live now. What a inspiration for me today. Thank you J! And I love the self portrait! Hello! 🙂

Andrea - "I am realizing that I can still live those purposes and do my best to create the life I want right here where I'm planted." – this totally sums it all up for me! It's all about creating the life we want, right where we are planted. It's hard work…after eight years in Camas, I can't say I've embraced it just yet, but I'm getting there.
And Missoula, well, you know how I feel about that magical town…sigh…I would have stayed there if I could have found a job. 🙂
I really love seeing YOU in this photo, Jessica!

sara - sigh.
i see myself in your words.
how i long to simplify.
what i would give to live in a quaint little town, away from the craziness that surrounds us in the city…one day…

i love that you are planning to create the life you want here and now.
you have inspired me to try to do the same.
loved this post jessica.
and those pictures are just lovely!

Amanda Kelley - Beautiful images to go with your words. This post got me re-thinking things about myself and what all my plans were/are…

Heidi - Such a wonderful perspective. I need to be happier with where I'm at, not waiting for things to be the way I want them. Great photos.

tracy - your description of asheville makes ME want to move there tomorrow! i love the idea of simple living with family and creativity at the center. i really love how you talked about creating that world right where you are. i need to focus on doing the same there right where i am. thank you for this lovely post – and for sharing your beautiful images! love the one of you!

Heather M. - first, i just love those photos. so awesome and it's so good to see a photo of you too!

second, i love your words – they totally resonated with me. so inspiring.

rhonda - So wonderful, the feeling, the selfie, the pictures, and the truth in your words. I think we ALL need to use those ideas where we are!

Marvett Smith - Gorgeous selfie, and I love your words!

LIza - Exactly, we as Navy spouses have to "bloom where we are planted." So…live simply and focus on those things that you love most.

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