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Monthly Archives: April 2012


  When they choose to play together, it is really, exceptionally great.  This kind of thing happens only once in a while, it seems.  I adore it, drop everything I have planned if possible, and let them go for it for as long as we can.  I love that they love each other.

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learning the guitar

Being a musician who loves to play piano and make music with our children, Matt thinks it might benefit our family connection and ignite our children’s interest in learning to play music if I am joining in the music-making with them.  Just between you and me, I think he aspires for us to one day […]

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Even with his Lego buddy dad away at sea on a Navy ship, Cedar’s still at it. Now that I see this, it looks to me like a ship at sea, doesn’t it?  Cedar tells me it is actually a kind of floating city going up and down, with a ninja trying to save some […]

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chemistry fun

How do you make a kid happy?  A little flour, salt, cornstarch, soap, food coloring, and, or course, baking soda and vinegar.  That’s how!

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  As I look at these daffodils, I see myself mirrored in them– closing, opening, peeking, wondering, fearing, trusting, exposing, doing what needs to be done.  In the past few years of intense life changes and challenges (job change, leaving our home and family, breast cancer, and now deployment), I am grateful for all the […]

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new ink

  They love tatoos.  They covered themselves in tatoos one day after finding a book of them at the store.  Especially when it’s just us without Matt, these kids get really, really silly together.  Fun times indeed here at the Jones house!

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wooden sword

 All those years spent making swords as a boy have served Matt in ways I’m sure he never expected when he was young: he now has a son who is so very happy to make use of his dad’s swordmaking skills.  Together they whittled and painted and ended up with a very exciting wooden sword […]

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