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Whether it’s the warmer weather, the later evenings playing outside, or just chance, there have been a lot of animal encounters around here lately: frogs have been caught, lizards have been chased and manhandled, and on this evening Ashton happened upon a lone egg in the grass.  It was a green egg, so unless it was an egg someone bought from a local farm and dropped lightly enough that it didn’t break while walking across the grass, chances are it was an egg from one of the ducks that cross our neighborhood yards on occasion.  She was so excited about it, didn’t know what to do with it, then set to work directing the neighborhood boys in making a nest for it.  Sadly, one of the boys dropped and broke it, and thankfully I saw it happen and was able to run over and hold her while she cried.  I offered to give her an egg from our refrigerator which she accepted… and asked for 6.  I gave her 4.  The boys were very good after that, listened well to their leader, and they all had a good time playing.  I loved being outside in the middle of it with my camera (made me really miss my niece and nephews back in Montana, actually– I can’t wait to have some outdoor summer playing with you guys).

LIza - How exciting and fitting for the season. The ultimate easter egg hunt!

ZeldaMom - What a great looking nest. I can just imagine how heartbroken she was (boys) ha!
Fast thinking with the substitute eggs.

mailli - Animal encounters… that sounds fun!

We cant wait to see you guys again:-)

Jenn - Love the photos of all your little “mama ducks”.

Tracey - What a funny thing to find an egg on your lawn! That would be exciting for my kids too. I love the next that they built. Hope you have a good weekend, J!

Michelle - Nature is awesome. It’s so fun when we get these little “wild” encounters. So sad to hear the egg dropped but so good of you to donate your own eggs to the cause. 🙂

Heidi - Talk about a real Easter egg hunt! What an exciting discovery.

Andrea - I love the little nest they built, and I like that you gave them more eggs for the nest. Very sweet.

Heather M. - how fun to find an egg like that. it’s so amazing to experience nature like that. my girl would have been heartbroken too by a broken egg.

Naomi - I always loved little encounters of nature when i was little. These shots are lovely! So fun!

stacey - Love the story these photos tell!

Simply Sara - these pictures make me miss childhood.
the wonder.
the innocence.
the simple joys.

love these!

and poor thing, so glad you were there to hold her and offer her some new eggs 😉

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