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This list has been written and re-written for a long time in the form of journal entries made in hastily scribbled handwriting. I went through those entries and consolidated them into one, legible, list. This is what I want, and I know it is true because every journal entry, even between months and years, includes the same things. These things seem to be my recurring wants for my life, and I am realizing that creating them is my life’s work for now.

I want:
  • conscious parenting, living homeschooling, learn/snuggle/read/chill/make/do/be together
  • time outside– camping, water, woods, walking, garden, beach, picnics, playing, sunshine
  • friendships– for me, matt and kids, creative community, neighbors to play and visit with
  • creating– photography, blog, knit/sewing, garden/compost, read, learn, less computer
  • food– proper diet, water, garden, farmer’s market, finding local food
  • health– lift and jog, mobility, diet, supplements, water, sleep
  • photography– generate business, clients, income; learn to take and edit photos
  • home– windows, light, space, yard
  • yard– space, playground, fence, treehouse, swing, tramp, fire, garden, flowers, chickens
  • visiting family– CA, MT, Mays, Asheville, others; calling and connecting with family
  • family vacations– festivals, camping, traveling, doing things/having fun/relaxing together
  • self-time– walks, processing, stretching, reading, meditating, thrifting, learning
  • lifestyle like Alan and Sarah’s– all these things, beautiful place to live, creative, community
  • being with Matt– intimacy, snuggle, talk, date, connect
  • future with Matt– work, school, living in cool place like Asheville/Missoula, home, money, being together
Words:  engaged, connected, happy, creative, thoughtful, conscious, laughter, fun, making, learning, finding, seeing, joyful, exciting, adventure, discovery, content, free, quality

Jenn - Your list completely touched my heart – the way you've identified everything and written it out so succinctly.

You've inspired me this morning – with your plans, your words and of course your photos too!

Michelle - That is a beautiful and worthwhile list to be sure. Also your images are beautiful. 🙂

Andrea - What a beautiful list. Makes me want to take some time to think about my work and what I want to do.
Beautiful photos as well. 🙂

Tracey - I feel as if you stole my journal. Really, it is very very eerie as I read through your list and realize that I have written the same things. Almost down to the last word. Wow.
Loved these photos. And I loved that you shared your heart.

Jean - love this list. love making lists, too. i want to create another one 🙂

and the photos. . . makes me happy. . . full of joy <3

stacey - Adore this list. Your list makes me want to be a better mom, wife, friend.

Love the photos, too.


LIza - I pray that you fulfill all that's on your list. Although, the "learn to take and edit photos" entry surprised me. I think you've nailed it!!! You have a definite style that comes naturally and that's hard to develop.

Just Rhonda - ah I love your list too. It's funny how hard it is to LIVE how we want too instead of just going along with how things are.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 - I'm dying over your b&w beach pictures! It never occurred to me to do a beach picture in black and white before this year… and I processed a few from our trip that way, and they are my FAVORITES!

Also LOVING the light in the first picture in your next post. I'm SO into that low-light look right now… it's just divine!!! I scrolled thru many of your most recent posts… so enjoyable to look at! Beautiful pictures! xo

sara - i think this is the most lovely list i've ever read.
seriously?! how did you manage to write it out so perfectly.
it makes me want to live your list too!

beautiful shots.
i especially like the third one.
blurry beauty.

Marvett Smith - I love your list! It's absolutely perfect and so are your images!

Naomi - Awesome list. I think I need to write one of these out….And your pictures, gorgeous! You don't need to learn, I always love your photos 🙂

Alberth Linn - Do you have a instagram?
Love your photos

Heather M. - wow, this is just awesome! reading your list made me realize how much alike we are. seriously amazing. i love that you took the time to write this all down and those photos are just beautiful too.

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