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Monthly Archives: May 2012

jump kick spin climb!

That’s pretty much what our little guy is doing with the majority of his time lately– all kinds of moves.  He’s in action, on the move, and just about always ready to DO something.  We found a new woods recently and I’m thinking I need to take Cedar to them regularly so he can practice […]

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How does one person end up with this many bags of chocolate chips, you might wonder?  Well, it’s just that when I go to the store I imagine my cupboard bare of them, then in my mind I see myself reaching for them after my meal and finding none, and so I throw a bag […]

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roasting mallows

Just the three of us, in the new woods we found, with our handy little portable grill/fire pit, a pocketknife and a bag of marshmallows.

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almost home…

The kids and I went to the beach, to the inlet where the ships come in from the Atlantic ocean, to see if we could watch Matt’s ship come in.  We timed it just right thanks to a tip from a fellow USS Farragut spouse.  We watched the ship bearing my husband finish her month-long […]

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home day

I’ve been working on staying home more with the kids lately.  We homeschool and are free in our days to come and go as we please, and we keep quite busy meeting up with several groups of homeschoolers in the area that gather together regularly.  Cedar loves the homeschool gatherings and runs around in packs […]

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beach play

The kids love to play with two brothers who live across the street.  They check throughout the day to see if the boys have returned home from school, run out of the house to play as soon and as often as they can, and are very much enjoying these warm evenings playing outside till bedtime. […]

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angry pirate

On our friend Anna’s suggestion, we borrowed a book from the library about pirates, which included not only stories but craft projects as well.  The day after we got the book, Cedar followed me around all day carrying the book (and his pirate sword and gun) asking me if I would please make pirate stuff […]

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tree home

Ashton discovered a new tree-home for herself recently and has been enjoying using it.  We’ve been reading and watching about people living in the wild, so she’s often itching to get outside and play it.  In June the kids and I will be moving back to Montana during Matt’s deployment, and I am planning on spending […]

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