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Us.  Rolling everywhere together these days in our little trio.

I’d love to have their dad around too (he’s currently out at sea with the Navy).  Miss you Matt.  But I feel grateful to have these little buddies with whom I get to grow, learn, share and connect.  Through them I find purpose and meaning in my life, and a reason to be a better person.  I’m thankful to have a place where I matter… and I really do matter in this place.

Jenn - Love the selfies. It must be so hard to have him gone for so long but it looks like you guys are making the most of it. Love your words about having a place where you matter.

Heather M. - i just adore these photos of you 3. and i love that i matter as a mom too. this post just makes me happy. you are beautiful, jessica.

Rhonda - Lovely!!!!! I love that I matter as a mom too. It changes you as a person once you have kids!

Kristin - I love your shots with your kids. So fun and so true to what being a mom it!

Heidi - Great pictures with your kids….”a place where I matter” I love that! Sometimes I get lost and feel like I don’t matter, but I know I really do to my kids 🙂

tracey - I so love this link up theme for all the wonderful photos of each other! I love this series of you and the kids. You are such an amazing mom, J. Really. I am always blown away by what you do with your kids and your heart for them.

Andrea - I love this! Love seeing you and your kids all smiles. Thank you for the reminder that I do matter as a mom. 🙂

Amanda - Oh how these photos make me smile! I especially adore the second shot, the smooches 🙂

Janet - Great photos, especially the second one.

stacey - You are a wonderful mom, Jessica. I, too, am always amazed and inspired by how you intentionally interact with your kids. It makes me want to be a better mom. Love these photos.

sara - sweet!
especially that last shot.
nothing like snuggling 🙂

Shawntae - I think I’ve said gorgeous or beautiful on every thing I’ve posted today. But again, just GORGEOUS! 🙂

Marvett Smith - I know I already told you this on fb, but you are gorgeous Jessica!

Carla - Those are some super cute pictures of your trio. Parenting alone is hard. Mothers are always important but during this time it’s even more so when their dad is gone. Kids do really do give you more of a purpose and meaning in your life, don’t they?

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