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Ashton discovered a new tree-home for herself recently and has been enjoying using it.  We’ve been reading and watching about people living in the wild, so she’s often itching to get outside and play it.  In June the kids and I will be moving back to Montana during Matt’s deployment, and I am planning on spending as much time in those woods and mountains as possible.  I so want my kids to be wild woods children.


Naomi - Awesome tree! I just love your outdoor shots 🙂

mailli - Wow! A tree home sounds SOOO fun!!!

Shawntae - Lovely! I bet Montana will be beautiful. I look forward to the photos to come.:)

Andrea - So where are you moving to in Montana? How long will you be there?
That is one huge, amazing palm tree she found!

tracey - It is my dream to get up to Montana! I will be living vicariously through your photos!
I love these tree photos. That tree is huge!

Heather M. - wow, these photos are amazing. what an incredible place to play. my kids would LOVE to be out there in those trees. i want my kids to be ‘wild woods’ kids too. have you read “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv? so good.

where in montana will you be moving? montant isn’t really that far away from where i live, you know? 😉

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