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On our friend Anna’s suggestion, we borrowed a book from the library about pirates, which included not only stories but craft projects as well.  The day after we got the book, Cedar followed me around all day carrying the book (and his pirate sword and gun) asking me if I would please make pirate stuff with him.  He even brought it to the park and showed the other little boys in our homeschool group, who sat around in a circle looking through it (so cute).  Finally, mama was ready to make some simple pirate stuff, and for a little while, our little guy was happy to be a pirate.

Naomi - Oh! What a cute angry pirate! :). Awesome shots and what a great idea. Im still stumped this week….ugh!

mailli - That’s SOOO cool! How did you make those earrings? Whats the book called? Sounds SOOO fun!!!

tracey - What a perfect take on the theme. And wonderful photos too! I love that he was so eager to be a pirate.

Jenn - That’s awesome! Do you mind sharing the name of the book?

Heather M. - this is PERFECT! love your take on this theme. and you are one awesome mama for creating this all for him.

Jean - awww. is this ever so cute! what a fun mom!

Andrea - A very cute pirate! You are so good about doing creative things with your kiddos. I need to work on doing that more. 🙂

Heidi - He doesn’t look too angry! What cute pirate gear you made – I bet he loved it.

stacey - Absolutely love your take on this theme and absolutely LOVE the pirate stuff. The earrings and the eye patch?? Fantastic.

Janet - How cool!!
I love the earring..and the eye patch..and the hat.
He’s so cute.
You rock Mom!

sara - aww!
that mean ol’ pirate is sure cute 🙂
great job mama for talking time to delight in your boy!

Marvett Smith - Great interpretation. Love it!

Anna - Awesome!

tracy - what a fun idea. a happy twist on a not so happy theme… love the b&w images.

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