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How does one person end up with this many bags of chocolate chips, you might wonder?  Well, it’s just that when I go to the store I imagine my cupboard bare of them, then in my mind I see myself reaching for them after my meal and finding none, and so I throw a bag (or even better, a chocolate bar or a box of white chocolate squares) in my shopping cart ‘just in case’.  And now I have, well, a lot of chocolate chips to eat.  Mostly by myself.  Because as much as I love my children and do lots of things for them, I just have a really hard time sharing those chocolate chips with them.  When Matt is home and I hear the bag rustling, I narrow my eyes and casually wander through the kitchen to “get a glass of water” while I watch how many he’s eating.  And see where I keep them?  Yep, on the very top shelf where I imagine I am the only one who can see them.  It’s a terrible habit, one that is sure to bring me cavities and weight and all kinds of badness.  And yet, that little handful of chocolate, especially when I’ve had a rough day taking care of kids all by myself (see?  I need them!  poor me!!), is just too, too tempting.

And now that I’m writing this and confessing it, I’m going to go ahead and quit doing it.  Goodbye chocolate chips!

Janet - Ha, funny, that was me for the longest time ( unfortunately I can no longer eat them) such a great little snack.

Kristi - This made me laugh! So yummy – and tempting!

Jenn - Sometimes you just need some chocolate chips to get you through. 🙂 And I keep the white chocolate ones because they don’t have caffeine and I wouldn’t want a chocolate sneak to keep me up at night.

And I laughed and laughed over your little kitchen wander.

tracey - This made me smile BIG bc you have no idea how alone you are in this. (Now I know that you and Stacey were cut from the same cloth! Ha!)
But it also made me smile to know a little something about you.

mailli - You made me giggle as loud as you can and not laugh, and the whole time I had a GIGANTIC smile(-: on my face(-:I still do:-)

Naomi - ha! Thanks for the giggle. I must have chocolate daily, Must. You are not alone. A little here and there really is OK. really. 🙂

Andrea - I’m a sucker for Dark Chocolate Chips! Could eat the entire bag.
Love this photo of those chips WAY up high. Fun to find out little tidbits about you. 🙂

rhonda - I do the EXACT same thing!

Mindy - Mmmmmm. Chocolate!!! Even better when there is peanut butter involved!!

Heidi - I’m loving these food posts!

We put the goodies on the top shelf too. Only problem is – they’re out of the kids’ reach but eye level for me and my husband. Very tempting.

Jean - I once ate a bag all by myself in a day!! But I was in high school and I too, didn’t have to worry about that 6 letter word, weight!!

Love how you wander through the kitchen to “just get a glass of water.” 😉

Amanda - I do the same thing…I might need to have them in my house 🙂 Cute post! You are much stronger than me, my pantry is still packed with all that sweetness!

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