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beaching with friends

Aunt Bunny - As YOU know my dear Jessie, the beach is my favorite all time place, more so I think as I get older. The kids look gloriously carefree and happy and just watermade!I know you dream of wildforest impfs, but Ashton is a mermaid from eons ago and Cedar and friends comand those boards like pros. I’ll be glad when they can come back and just ‘be’ in the water. My predjuice I know. They look sooo happy and tell Ashton that sunglasses DO make the woman/girl! Too cool.
I bet the surf’s up with the current storm. Stay safe but be happy…Marley AND Buffet.
Love you all

Andrea - That first photo is just glorious! I could stare at it all day. Your beach photos always make me miss the beach.
And the last one of Ashton is just too cute. Love those shades!

stacey - Here we go with the beach photos again! Oh how I love them.

Amanda - These are such amazing shots—I can’t wait to have our 2.5 year experience some real beach. The kids looked like they were living a dream and the sun glasses seris made me smile, adorable. Loved this post!

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