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Tropical Storm ‘Beryl’ hit us this past weekend, with wild, wild wind, raging sea and buckets of rain.  We fared just fine, with only a few hours without power.  The morning after the worst of the storm, the kids ventured outside to find tree limbs covering the whole neighborhood.  Soon all the kids (home from school for Memorial Day) were outside having a very grand adventure: Under my direction they collected limbs and we built a fort big enough for all of them to fit inside.  The project took most of the day, as the kids never tired of adding more to it.  The sky was filled with fast-moving clouds, the sun was warm, and the rain that poured at times throughout the day was like a warm bath.  The kids donned their swimsuits and played in the drenching rain and giant puddles until the sun came out again.  Truly a tropical experience, and just perfect for this group.

Sadly, the fort was collected the next day by the clean-up crew (one of the downsides of base housing, although we really can’t complain too much about people doing our yardwork for us).  Ashton watched it being taken down and came to me for a few tears and a snuggle.  I feel sorry we couldn’t keep it for longer, but thankful to have played such a big role in creating the experience, and the memory, for her.

Naomi - I don’t do well with storms, glad you fared ok! All of these kids are just too darn cute and looked like they had a blast. Love the one of the boys soaking in the puddle! And poor little Ashton, that broke my heart that he was sad his fort was gone. I hope another fort comes along…but not because of a storm!!

Jenn - So glad you made it through the storm safely. That is an awesome hideout, even they only had it for a day.

tracey - What a FUN and special day for the kids! I would have loved loved loved this as a child! I think of my Bean too, she would have made this her fairy fort.

stacey - LOVE this!!! My kids would have freaked out with a fort like this! I think I might have a little bit, too 🙂

Marvett Smith - What a cool fort! So glad you stayed safe from the storm!

Jean - OMG! I love that! I love it!! What fun!!!!! This is how I remember my childhood! xo

Heather M. - what an awesome thing to create after the storm. talk about an amazing memory! glad you guys are okay after all that.

tracy - these images are great! what cleaver kids to make such fun out of the aftermath of a storm.

Janet - I love storms even while they freak me out. That fort is so cool. It’s great to see them using their imagination.

Carla - What fun! This is great. It looks like the kids loved it. How cool to build a real outside fort. It’s like survivor for kids. This is the kind of outside fun that we used to have when we were younger before everyone wanted to stay in and play video games. Cute photos. I love the shot of the boys in the water. Classic summer photo. And the one after that.

Andrea - Oh how fun!! Max would love this! I’m glad you made it through the storm ok. Scary stuff!

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