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I have had a severe case of photo-block for several weeks, so I apologize for the lack of photos.  With the stress of Matt about to deploy for 9 months on his Navy ship, packing up our house and putting our stuff in storage so the kids and I can live with family in Montana during the deployment, and all the logistics and planning and farewells involved in preparing for these events…. well, taking and editing photos has been quite far from my mind.

But before the final preparations began this week; last week, yes, last week was bliss.  Matt had a full 9 days off to play with us.  We camped and fished, we played, we watched movies, we ate, we drank, we visited with friends, we enjoyed one another.  I would say we ‘partied’ for sure, just because we were happy to be together.  Pictured above are the kids all dressed up for a family trip to the movies, and below is our lovely Florida campsite, which actually was an island we had all to ourselves.  It was very, very good.

As the kids and I are about to move across the country, I’m thinking I will not be posting here much until I am settled again.  Maybe you’ll see me here regularly again in July.


stacey - That second photo is just magical, J.
When do you leave? I’ve been thinking about you lots and will pray for a smooth and safe trip to Montana, that your time away from Matt will go fast, that you will enjoy the time with your family, that you will find peace and happiness amidst this challenge you are about to face. xoxo

Jenn - I’d say that family time together was definitely a reason to party. I love that photo of them walking together through the trees. Very cool that you had your own island.

Safe travels!

Mindy - thinking of you and your family during this time of adjustment 🙂

Jean - Oh My Goodness! The last photo is so jaw-dropping! I looooooooooove it!!!!!!!

I have a few distant in-laws in Montana 😉

Janet - I’m sure that island was magical.
9 months will be over before you know it. It will be Spring and new and exciting.
I hope all goes well for you and your family.
Safe travels.

Heidi - What a gift that your family had 9 wonderful days together. Best of luck to you as you move across the country. What a change of scenery that will be – gorgeous mountain photos I’m sure 🙂

liza - I just adore that picture of the kids all dressed up for the movies. I just noticed his tie clipped to the long-sleeved shirt. He’s so adorable…they are so adorable. Have a safe trip.

Andrea - Praying for a smooth move to Montana, Jessica. I’m glad you had a nice 9 days to party with your family. 🙂 And camping at an island all to yourself sounds wonderful! See you in July. Safe travels.

Heather M. - now that looks like an amazing place to go camping! wow! love that photo of them all dressed up together – so cute. hoping that all that traveling goes well and you find peace during this time of huge adjustment.

rhonda - Amazing shot!!!! Love the size of them in all that greenery!

tracey - Love that they dressed up for the movies! 🙂
Praying for safe traveling for you and the kids and for this season ahead of you. I think there might be some amazing surprises along the way for you–stuff you will discover and learn.
Hugs and prayers for the journey!

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