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Monthly Archives: July 2012

with grandpa

They planted a lilac tree, Ashton and her grandpa.  Having these grandparents around is making this deployment experience so much richer and happier than, I am guessing, it would have been had we stayed in Florida.  Here we have people to care for us and enjoy us, and the kids have people to love on […]

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I’m offering you all a random assortment of photos today to describe how, in some ways, I’m passing the time on a daily basis since I’ve been in Montana.  When we haven’t been out enjoying the lakes and woods around here, I’ve been: : marking the days and weeks from the calendar as they go […]

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tally lake

The kids and I enjoyed some camping company last weekend, and although I do like camping even with just the three of us, I really like sharing the experience with others.  We camped overnight with Matt’s mom and sister, and his dad joined us for the day, at a lovely lake not far from home. […]

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We are now one day past our first month of Matt’s deployment.  The kids and I have enjoyed, and sometimes been challenged by, the past month of what’s felt like a long vacation.  We’ve spent lots of time with family, enjoyed being in beautiful Montana, and stayed pretty darn busy.  Things are slowing down now, […]

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more camping photos

Just a few more shots from our camping trip, this time in black and white.  We had an adventure on our trip, things we liked and things we didn’t, but I think it was overall a good experience for us.  I’m looking forward to doing more of it soon as we enjoy the lovely Montana […]

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Sorry to take so long to post about our recent adventures, but things have been in a state of change for about a month.  Matt and I packed up and loaded our household goods into a storage container, and much too quickly we had to say our good-byes to one another.  He’s now been deployed […]

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