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The kids and I enjoyed some camping company last weekend, and although I do like camping even with just the three of us, I really like sharing the experience with others.  We camped overnight with Matt’s mom and sister, and his dad joined us for the day, at a lovely lake not far from home.  We unexpectedly found huckleberries all around our campsite, we played in the lake, I got to do some hiking and trail running, and we ate all the obligatory wonderful, terrible camp food (hot dogs, marshmallows, chocolate, beans, chips, etc).   From the past year of playing in the warm Florida ocean and now confronted with cold mountain lakes, the kids spent most of their lake time huddled under their towels; but when the weather turned hot enough I finally remembered the joy and refreshment of plunging into a cold lake on a hot day.  We laughed and relaxed and I had a great time.

I like these three photos of the same spot.  It was amazing to walk down to the lake multiple times during our trip and notice how different the view looked with the changing weather.  Cloudy afternoon, sunny evening, bright morning… all so different and beautiful.

stacey - I love love love those three photos with the different light. You should frame them side by side in three separate frames. I’m always so happy to see an update from you.

Joseph Swenson - Beautiful photos Jess.

Naomi - Awesome shots of the same spot…cool idea! I adore camping too…just havent had time to post our latest trip! I adore your black and whites!

tracey - I’ve never had a huckle berry–they look so similar to a blueberry. Are they tangier? What a fun sweet surprise for your kids to wander in the woods and pluck berries!

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