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I’m offering you all a random assortment of photos today to describe how, in some ways, I’m passing the time on a daily basis since I’ve been in Montana.  When we haven’t been out enjoying the lakes and woods around here, I’ve been:

: marking the days and weeks from the calendar as they go by, and they are going by, as I wait  for spring to bring my hubby back home.

: working on taking one day at a time, letting today be what it is and looking for the things I feel grateful for.

: taking care of the chickens at my in-laws’ home, a job I wasn’t so sure I wanted when it was given to me; yet now I love our morning chicken ritual, watching Ashton happily gathering eggs, and feeding those wonderful eggs to my children.

: working in the garden– planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, watching things grow, cooking, and, of course, eating fresh vegetables.  I also feel thankful that it’s so easy, unlike in the bigger cities we’ve been in, to find good quality, local food at reasonable prices in this area.  I like being able to eat and feed my children good food.

: practicing the guitar, little by little, under the tutelage of a comprehensive workbook Matt found for me before he left.

: getting to the gym to lift weights much more than I thought I would be able to (people keep being able to watch my kids for me… awesome!), running, and hiking.  Exercise just really helps me feel better in all kinds of ways.

: wanting to start a regular homeschool routine with the kids, to be a more fun, understanding, and connecting parent, to stop being so darn sad, to spend more time out-of-doors enjoying Montana, and to find some friends around here.

Naomi - So smart of you and so glad you are finding things to occupy your time. Im sure it must be so difficult. Hang in there! Love these shots…especially the chickens!!! 🙂

Amanda - The green in your photos is spectacular! I love the variety of photos, and thoughts, you included this week. 🙂

Jenn - Love your selfie! I was thinking this week would be a poignant one for you. Hugs for getting through and glad you’re staying busy!

Jean - awww. what area are you in? my brother-in-law’s brother is near billings/laurel (i believe). my sis keeps pushing me to visit montana, i’d love to, but i’m just afraid i might not get time off for that. it looks beautiful!

i love the chicken photos! my boyfriend’s mom is raising chickens & her first eggs came out last week. glad to see you in one 😉

tracy - Love how you are passing the time. I hear that fresh eggs are delicious.

Janet - Chickens!! I want chickens, but our city says No, maybe someday though. The garden looks great and it looks like your weight lifting is paying off, nice arms.
I would guess the holidays are going to be hard to get through, but after that, time will fly by and this will all be behind you ( easy for me to say, right)
You can do it.

Cheriln - Oh, your photos are breathtaking!! I love your strength in the last shot.

Thanks so much for the heart discussions this week. They were so helpful, allowing me to release some hurt that needed to be heard before it could go off and play.

Heather M. - love these photos and your words on how you are passing the time. especially love that calendar photo – so cool. i would love to have chickens some day and the garden looks great and i love that you are learning to play the guitar – so awesome!

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