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Monthly Archives: August 2012

sunrise, sunset, a donkey and words

Here are some random photos of the lovely sunrises and sunsets I’ve witnessed recently.  Our neighbor has a donkey, named Clark, that blesses us with its loud, strange and wonderful voice every day and night… and we all love it.  I’ve been getting up early in the morning to get to the gym for the […]

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camping and cedars

I took the kids camping a few days ago, and we had a really nice, restorative time.  The first night we ended up at a perfect campground deep in the woods next to a lovely little lake.  The campground was local, quiet, and spacious with a lot of cool stuff for the kids to check […]

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great grandpa

It was the kids’ first time visiting their Great Grandpa Marx, and my second time (first time was over 10 years ago).  He’s about to turn 91 years old and we don’t know how many visits we may have left with him.  The kids and Jean (my mother-in-law) and I drove across Montana to see […]

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this montana life

Our life has seemed crazy busy lately, each day filled with various fun activities.  Cedar’s swimming lessons happened every morning for 2 weeks, we’ve visited with friends and family, gone swimming at the pool and lakes, walked in the river, picked huckleberries, and went on a trip with my mother-in-law across Montana to see her […]

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more and more huckleberries

It’s been an adventure, this huckleberry picking.  Being surrounded by these berries is so exciting, especially when the excitement is shared with friends and family.  Now my question is, what will we DO with these huckleberries?  I’m dreaming of wine, jam, desserts, and pancakes.

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From within the shadows of the mountain woods, a gift of wild huckleberries.  A lovely evening spent outdoors, a beloved Montana tradition passed on to our children, and a tasty treat to share.  I’m grateful I had the chance to be part of this tradition this year.

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Warm sun, cool water, beautiful mountains, and playing with grandparents and cousins are creating happy kids for this mama.  Getting adapted to cooler water temperatures than those we have in the Florida ocean has been taking time, but little by little we’ve been inching our way into these cold lakes… and, once we’re in, finding […]

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herron park

One recent day– after a rainy, dreary day, plans falling through, and an afternoon spent moping around feeling sad– the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds.  The evening was lovely and cool, the sky had a pre- and post-rainstorm beauty.  Not knowing where I was headed but knowing I needed to get OUT,  I […]

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