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My baby boy is growing up.  Our kids are homeschooled and haven’t yet done many lessons or classes outside our home, so when Cedar decided he’d like to try swimming lessons at the local pool, I signed him right up.  As we stood there on the first day waiting for his name to be called, I wondered how he would do with leaving his mama and sister all on his own for the first time.  Even though the lessons are 1/2 hour long and we sit right there watching him, for me it felt like the first day of kindergarten for my little guy (I admit I got a bit choked up).  But Cedar?  He whipped off his shirt, gave me a little wave and followed the teacher to the pool.  He’s enjoying himself, going for it, and I’m a proud mama.


tracey - I feel like your kids grew a few feet and matured on your journey from Florida to Montana. Wow. He’s really grown! And he looks so confident too. Swim lessons are a great place to let him try out some independence and work with another adult who is not his mama. I remember watching my son interact with his swim teacher and thinking, “how does that teacher get him to do things I can’t?????” Ha!

rhonda - He looks like he has enjoyed himself!!! Love the bright colors!

Jenn - Little mr independent! I love outdoor swimming lessons, there’s just something about the whole atmosphere that the kids love (and I do to *S*).

Heather M. - that’s so awesome! glad it’s going well. love these photos of him. i wish we had a place to do outdoor lessons but it’s never warm enough here!

Jean - so cute. it’s crazy how independent they are at such a young age. they have such a desire to learn and grow as well.

stacey - When I first clicked on your blog I thought for sure I would see another gorgeous landscape with your kids swimming in some mountain lake. So it was a surprise to see Cedar in a pool! I’m so happy he loves the lessons. My kids love swimming lessons too. So good for them!

mailli - wow! that looks like so much fun! is the lazy river moving while he takes lessons?

Naomi - Way to go cedar! Im impressed. I think he needs to teach my son a few things…he’s not so brave …(but is getting better)Love that last shot!

mom - Another swimmer in the family!!

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