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It was the kids’ first time visiting their Great Grandpa Marx, and my second time (first time was over 10 years ago).  He’s about to turn 91 years old and we don’t know how many visits we may have left with him.  The kids and Jean (my mother-in-law) and I drove across Montana to see him and Jean’s sisters, and I’m glad we did.  Grandpa took us out to Burger King, showed us his homemade wine, gave us one of his many fishing poles, and enjoyed us as best he could.  He and Cedar became quick buddies, which melted the hearts of the rest of us women.  I got to bond with my mother-in-law on the road and hear all kinds of stories about her life, see Bozeman and my sister-in-law Christina again, relax and eat pizza, and return with good memories and gratitude.

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