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camping and cedars

I took the kids camping a few days ago, and we had a really nice, restorative time.  The first night we ended up at a perfect campground deep in the woods next to a lovely little lake.  The campground was local, quiet, and spacious with a lot of cool stuff for the kids to check out and a fun camp host who taught the kids to pan for gold and even gave them some gold.  I would like to have stayed there for another night but the next day was unexpectedly rainy, so off we went to Ross Creek Cedars, an amazing forest with old, giant cedar trees.  The kids, although not wanting to go at first, saw the possibilities for fun right upon entering the forest, for in this space is a magical wood with quiet streams, small bridges, tree “caves” and tunnels, huge fallen logs, rocks to climb, and fairy houses to find.   It is quite unique for Montana with its damp coolness, mosses and ferns.  On our way home, now that the evening had turned sunny and pleasant as we neared home, we visited another lake for an evening outdoors of campfire, swimming, food and beauty.  I loved this camping trip, though it had its challenges: I got time to think and make new choices, I enjoyed re-connecting with my children after a rough week, and the kids had such fun playing outside together (I think they might be getting used to camping, which means we need to keep doing it!).  I am very much looking forward to our next trip out into the possibilities Montana has to offer.

tracey - These are so beautiful J. They look very much like the old Redwood groves here. I love that you are so adventurous with your kiddos. You inspire me to try more things with mine!

stacey - Oh my goodness. These are amazing. I would love to see Montana some day, it looks amazing. YOU are an amazing mama.

liza - You have a beautiful life in Montana. I can see why you miss it so.

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