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sunrise, sunset, a donkey and words

Here are some random photos of the lovely sunrises and sunsets I’ve witnessed recently.  Our neighbor has a donkey, named Clark, that blesses us with its loud, strange and wonderful voice every day and night… and we all love it.  I’ve been getting up early in the morning to get to the gym for the past couple of weeks; I’ve been tired as I’ve gotten used to the new schedule, but I think I like it– getting to work out in the quiet of the gym, seeing the glory of the sun coming up over the mountains, being awake and ready for my kids when they wake up, and not worrying about finding people to watch my kids for me on a daily basis, these are all good changes to my life.

The recent change in weather, the slowing of our days, and the calming down of our summer adventures at this end-of-summer-beginning-of-school season/fall time of year put me down in the depths of sadness and fear about Matt being away for so long, but, with the support of people who care about me, I’ve navigated the transition and now feel much more creative, excited about the opportunities we have here, happy to have this space in my life to relax without the stress of job/Navy/moving/cancer, and trusting that things are and will be just fine.  And on it goes, up and down with the tides of life, and all is well.


Jean - I knew I was going to love everyone’s post this week. These are so beautiful!! <3 I love how you had a visit w/ the donkey, too! I am happy I am able to see the sunrise & sunset. It really is so beautiful! <3

Andrea - Just beautiful! And the donkey has such a sweet face. 🙂
Are you staying in Montana then until Matt comes home?…
I’m glad you have a good support system there. It has got to be tough having Matt gone. ((hugs))

Heidi - Beautiful series of photos. The bales of hay with the sun streaks through the clouds is awesome!

tracey - Jessica, these photos are so breathtaking. What a glorious way to start and end your day. I’m glad that you finding some new routines and that you have family around you. Don’t get to down on yourself for feeling those ups and downs. 🙂 You are real. And you are right, even in the ups and downs, all is well. You are gonna find that you exit this chapter stronger and wiser. I am truly excited about that for you. Thanks for sharing your life and being vulnerable.

Amanda - OMG—When I saw donkey in the first sentence you had me! And what an adorable little guy! Love your sunset post…It’s full of blues, purples, yellows and oranges–what variety. I had more of an orange glow.

janet - Beautiful!! I’m so happy you are feeling peace and contentment.

liza - I’m glad you were able to power through the sadness and take advantage of what you have, now. Enjoy the comforts of home.

Jenn - Your sunset photographs are beautiful but your sunrise ones take my breath away and make my heart happy. Glad for you that you’re finding a rhythm in the loneliness of one of your tribe away.

stacey - This post made me get a little teary eyed for you. These photos are so lovely and you are so lovely and I hope you know that you are being thought of and prayed for.

michelle - UGH. So I’m going through and clicking on all my linked people and again… your blog is not showing up. A couple other people’s weren’t showing in my reader either. I give up. 🙁 I’m sorry I’ve missed your fabulous photography. I thought that perhaps people just weren’t posting over the summer. Anyway, I ADORE the donkey!!

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