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“best cousins”

Cedar calls his cousin Eli his “best cousin”, and I understand why.  They were born just 5 months apart so, being at basically the same stage in life, they have a ton of fun together.  They dress up, come up with lots of ideas, get themselves into some sneaky schemes, have lots of laughter and silliness, and pretty much toot around with each other constantly when together.  Cedar picked out some overalls this week so he could match Eli, and then called Eli before we went to the woods the other night to ask if he would please wear his overalls, too.  It makes me happy to see our guy so happy.

Andrea - Ohmygoodness! These are just beautiful, Jessica! What a great series of photos. You can totally tell they are buddies! Love the overalls. 🙂

liza - These boys are made for each other. Best “cousins” forever!

stacey - Awwww…. Another Eli!! Adore these photos and I ADORE those overalls. Eli has a pair that he refuses to wear right now. At some point I WILL bribe him so I can take a photos with him in them 🙂

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