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Monthly Archives: December 2012


With baby Kimble’s surgery a success, the cousins have gone to spend the holidays in Seattle with their parents, leaving the rest of us without our sweet buddies for Christmas.  So we had a pre-Christmas party before they left, with a kid gift exchange (and some from the aunties and grandparents, too, of course… and […]

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tree hunting

It was cold, snowy and icy, we only had a little bit of light before dark, and we lost the other group we went with.  It cost $5, about 2 hours, some gas and some shivers.  But we came home with a tree to decorate, a nice time with their Aunt Elizabeth, and another memory […]

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She’s growing up.  She got her ears pierced; went for it even though she knew it would hurt.  She now knows how to swim and how to read, she’s smart and kind and capable, she can hang with adult conversation but still plays dolls every day.  I enjoy and trust her thoroughly, and I’m thankful […]

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Because of that first swim lesson Cedar took this summer, these kids have been really excited about learning how to swim.  Currently they have lessons three times a week, and it is amazing to watch how quickly they progress.  They are so much more confident, skilled, and capable in the water after these months of […]

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sledding with cousins

Our family has been a state of crisis for the past several weeks, as Matt’s sister’s 6 week old baby has been at a children’s hospital in Seattle with a rare heart condition.  Baby Kimble is awaiting heart surgery, and in the meantime we’ve all been pitching in to take care of the other 4 […]

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sunny moment

Occasionally, very occasionally (like maybe once a week, sometimes not that often), we get some sunshine these days here in Kalispell.  On this lovely sunny morning (or perhaps it was just a sunny moment), I went after my camera to photograph a few of the goings-on around here.  A touch of  Thanksgiving decoration, a bit of […]

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with friends

I know this is quite a random assortment of photos, but the photos tell the story of the kind of experience it is to be at the home of our good friends Alan and Sarah– eclectic, beautiful, interesting, unique, full, engaging, relaxed.  That’s the kind of people they are, too, and I am grateful to […]

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