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sledding with cousins

Our family has been a state of crisis for the past several weeks, as Matt’s sister’s 6 week old baby has been at a children’s hospital in Seattle with a rare heart condition.  Baby Kimble is awaiting heart surgery, and in the meantime we’ve all been pitching in to take care of the other 4 kids while their parents are in Seattle with the baby.  It’s been crazy for everyone.  We’re all faith-ing that things turn out well, soon.  Jean (Matt’s mom, who has been the kids’ main caretaker during this time) and I have been crossing paths on a daily basis to keep the kids cared for, occupied, and happy.  We took them sledding the other day after a big snow dump.  The boys had a blast (the girls not so much), and since that day those boys have had lots more playtime outside in the snow.  All year while living in warm Florida Ashton talked about how much she missed the snow, and she’s now realizing that along with snow comes icy fingers and toes.  Like me, she’s not sold on it… not after living in Florida!  But it is beautiful and it is fun, and I’m glad I could offer my children the gift of sledding… with cousins.

stacey - Will be praying for baby Kimble.
We just got a fresh dump of snow and the kids are having a blast. And to be honest, I am enjoying it too after having close to no snow last year. I’m sure I’ll complain about it come February, but as I grow older I’m learning to appreciate our seasons more and more.

Brooke G - we are missing the snow down here in Texas too… but the last two mornings have been below freezing here, and on the 3/4 mile walk to school in the morning, there have been LOTS of complaints! I’m so glad to see Alicia and Jeremy’s kids are enjoying cousin time… it must be hard for them too! Thinking of you all every day! And especially baby Kimble!

mailli - kimble will have surgery on friday, hopefully…..

mailli - yeah, was not a big blast for me ashton and toby, but at least the boys had a blast. by the way, kimble is now smiling! give thanks to the Lord for He IS good!

mailli - (and his love indoors forever:-)

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