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The first week we were here they bickered and I yelled, but we were moving in, doing errands, being stressed out.  Now that we are settled into our home, they play.  Together.  Ashton loves being home (she calls our ‘home days’ her favorite kinds of days), and when given time at home she goes crazy creating all kinds of imaginative stories, often inviting Cedar into her worlds with her.  Cedar generally likes being home, too, going from this to that, checking things out and finding interesting things to do, understand, and try.  Especially when given space to be with one another without other kids around, with just the two of them and time to just be, they play.  I struggle with home days myself, wanting to get out and go and move and do, but I know these days matter, and I do love it when my kids have happy ‘home days’.


stacey - So happy you are getting settled back in, so happy you have the warm weather now to get you through until hubby and daddy gets back home.

tracey - I LOVE home days. I love the light in these photos and the soft pinks and browns of their costumes together. So glad you are settling in.

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