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Monthly Archives: March 2013

bird catching

Sunshine, parks, and birds pretty much sums up a large part of our life here in Florida.  It’s a lovely place to be in winter.  Ashton had a hankering to chase those birds and catch them on camera, and it was fun to chase her around and catch her with my own camera.

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Ashton turns eight today and, oh my, she is so excited about her birthday.  Mostly about the party (I am discovering that birthday parties are very important to my children).  We’re having the neighbors over for a simple fire in the firepit and some sharing of cake.  And that seems to be enough for Ashton. […]

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She’s about to turn 8 this weekend.  She’s growing older, taller, wiser, more mature, and more lovely every day.

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We haven’t actually gotten out for woods walks much lately, due to all the things there are to do here to keep us occupied (and the often rainy winter days as well).  With homeschooling, outings, errands and shopping, homeschool groups and co-op, visits with friends, chores at home and more, our days fill up fast. […]

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I am pretty sure I must be crazy.  Nuts.  Why in the world would I go ahead and get a puppy when Matt is away on deployment?  When it’s just the kids and me and I’m pretty much running around, generally in a disheveled state, just trying to keep up?  Yes, I did add a […]

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