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I am pretty sure I must be crazy.  Nuts.  Why in the world would I go ahead and get a puppy when Matt is away on deployment?  When it’s just the kids and me and I’m pretty much running around, generally in a disheveled state, just trying to keep up?  Yes, I did add a puppy to the mix, yes it has been crazy around here, and… yes I think we will keep her.  She is sweet, trainable, obedient (she really tries hard to obey), and we already have crate and house training pretty much done.  I think she will be a good addition to our family and I can’t wait to see Matt with her.

andrea - Oh my puppy goodness! Look at that sweet face.
I hope we will get to see more photos of cute little Addie in posts to come. 😉

mailli - omygoodnessapuppieyouaresoluckycongratssheissosweetiamsoexitedforyounoyouarenotcrazyshyorheissoluckytohaveyouforafamilywhatkindofdogissheidonotknowhowtosayhowexitediam,forouallandheryippeayia!

stacey - Oh my, she really is a sweetheart. Look at those eyes! I’m sure your kids are in heaven!!!

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