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Ashton turns eight today and, oh my, she is so excited about her birthday.  Mostly about the party (I am discovering that birthday parties are very important to my children).  We’re having the neighbors over for a simple fire in the firepit and some sharing of cake.  And that seems to be enough for Ashton.  Just a celebration of some kind, that’s all she wants.  And presents, lots of them.  The kids have been finding things around the house and wrapping them up all week so Ashton can have lots of gifts to open.  Birthday preparation is always so exciting.

Andrea - Such a beautiful girl!
Happy Birthday!! Hope she has a wonderful day.

mailli - Happy birthday, birthday girl,
may all your dreams come true,
not only on your birthday, dear
but e’re a fairy blows a wish two you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON! or, to be more elegant,
happy birthday, Ashton dear. you are now a potential grown-up!!
happy 8th birthday, dearie-o!

love you!

-mailli joy brown


can’t wait to give your enchantress a dragon!

i love you,
ashton Christine Sweetheart Jones!

stacey - Oh Happy Birthday to Ashton! I hope you guys had a great time celebrating her.
And I think ALL kids love birthday parties!!

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