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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Cedar joined a tee-ball team a couple months ago.  He has a cute uniform, a glove, and even a pair of cleats to wear with his orange knee socks.  He’s so cute.  He has been excited about it, about being on a team, learning to throw and catch, wearing a uniform.  Tee-ball– being the kind […]

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beach sunset

We said good-bye to the ocean with Jean on her last night here.  We went at sunset to watch the magic of the water and sky, and it was very good indeed.  I want to remember to get out of my house and witness the sunset more often, because it’s worth it. We will surely […]

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Just some photos today of our little back-together family and Matt’s mom during her visit, checking out Jacksonville tourist spots.  No photos of the spot themselves, I’m sorry to say!  I guess I love those faces more than the places.

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Us, together again at the beach.  Thanks to Matt’s mom for capturing us while we played.

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Matt’s mom, Jean, during her visit here in late March, loved being at the beach, even on the chilly days that happened while she was here.  She came here for rest and recovery, and I hope in ways the beach offered it to her.  At the very end of her visit she finally got that […]

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sunset on the water

Matt’s mom, Jean, came to visit at the end of March.  We went to the beach, more beach, the woods, several historic forts, St. Augustine, the thrift store, her sister’s house a few hours south of us, and several more days at the beach.  You’ll be seeing photos here over the next few posts of […]

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Matt deployed June 20, 2012 and returned home to Florida on April 7, 2013.  Each of us has stories to tell about our adventures, things we learned, ways we struggled and ideas about how to move forward.  Our family has more adventures ahead, and I sure hope we can do them together.  It’s definitely an […]

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