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Matt’s mom, Jean, during her visit here in late March, loved being at the beach, even on the chilly days that happened while she was here.  She came here for rest and recovery, and I hope in ways the beach offered it to her.  At the very end of her visit she finally got that shark’s tooth she was constantly hunting for, thanks to Matt’s luck and good eye.  I kept bringing her to different parts of the shoreline, to the part where the shells are, the part where the jetty is, the part where the sand goes up into dunes and where it goes down into ponds, the part with the fancy houses, and the one with the driftwood.

There are several random photos in this post, as you can see.  Jean took some of those and I wanted to share them– the pelicans are everywhere around here and I thought it was a cool photo, and I like that one of me because it looks like she captured how I was feeling at the time– anxious, frustrated, and tense while waiting impatiently for Matt to return home.

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