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Monthly Archives: June 2013


We took a few photos together, him and I, after our walk to the basketball court to practice dribbling and passing.  Cause he’s into sports lately, and he has lots of thoughts every day about all kinds of cool and interesting stuff he’s interested in.  It’s a blessing to watch him grow and evolve.

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I thought I’d share these cute photos of Ashton with our little neighbor.  She’s getting so responsible and mature, watching out for all the kids, leading the pack, caring for the little ones.  Soon she’ll be babysitting, I’m sure.  She’s eight going-on teenager.

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more goings-on (from the iphone)

More recent goings-on of late through the lens of my phone: moonlit beach, more beach, first tooth lost (the top one got pulled years ago, and now the bottom ones are falling out), visit with neighbor friend, Navy base sky (lots of helicopters in these parts), Ash in the water, splash park and water park, […]

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:: going for evening family walks when the breeze kicks up and the weather cools off.  The days lately are super humid and hot, but the evenings are lovely.  We’ve also been incorporating what we call “Mom time/Dad time” into our evening schedule, which is a time when Matt and I each pair up with […]

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stormy sky

All these photos were taken on the same patch of beach during a two hour stretch of time, during a homeschool co-op beach day.  It’s amazing to be on the beach while storms roll past: In all directions around us, the sky darkens and brightens as storms move through, rain in the distance shifts in […]

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a new normal

Although I’d like to say we have done this family-running-around-the-beach a lot in the weeks since Matt’s been home, and that life is blissful and amazing all the time now that we are back together, it just wouldn’t be true.  In truth we have had a mix of ups and downs with readjusting to life […]

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