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stormy sky

All these photos were taken on the same patch of beach during a two hour stretch of time, during a homeschool co-op beach day.  It’s amazing to be on the beach while storms roll past: In all directions around us, the sky darkens and brightens as storms move through, rain in the distance shifts in location and intensity, colors change from deep, dark blue to bright sun to diffused post-storm light, and the clouds reflect beautifully over the ocean and in the tide pools.  Sometimes our patch of beach stays protected from the rain, and sometimes, like on this day, the storm greets us.  Just a few days prior we went to this exact spot and were met with a blue cloudless sky, hot sun, strong waves and high tide.  On this day, it was completely different, with clouds, breeze, rain, low tide and gentle water.  That’s why I love the beach– it’s never the same, always moving, always changing, always offering me new things to be amazed by.

andrea - these are beautiful.
the east coast beaches are so differently from the west coast. well, let’s say there’s a huge difference between florida beaches and washington beaches. 🙂
so much color in the sky and sea where you live. just beautiful!

tracey - These are amazing! We don’t get storm clouds like that here on the west coast so it’s always novel for me to see them in people’s photos! Love the colors too.

stacey - Adore these.

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