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more goings-on (from the iphone)

More recent goings-on of late through the lens of my phone: moonlit beach, more beach, first tooth lost (the top one got pulled years ago, and now the bottom ones are falling out), visit with neighbor friend, Navy base sky (lots of helicopters in these parts), Ash in the water, splash park and water park, sunset in the harbor, pretzel-making, fishing (bait shop, fishing spot, kids fishing, and Ashton spending her time finding flowers instead of fishing).

I’m working on taking more photos lately, at least a photo a day if I can manage it, so you’ll be seeing more posts from me for as long as I keep it up.  It’s good for me to take photos, to see the things I find beautiful in our life and make a habit of seeing the multitude of good things we do (rather than dwell on what I believe ‘should’ be doing better).  I get to improve and deepen my photography skills, document our life, and enjoy being creative and capturing beauty.  More to come!

stacey - Yes. I love that photography allows me to see the multitude of good things we do. Love seeing more of you here and on instagram. Love these. (And if you haven’t already gotten the new VSCOcam app it’s a must!)

Anna - I have to do the same thing. Thanks for the reminder.

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