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People tell me they’d like to see more of me in our photos, so here are a few shots the kids took.  Some real life, in the home, kinds of shots that actually include Matt and me in them.  They aren’t always amazing, in focus or properly exposed, but they’re real.  Just for fun.

Mandy Ellis - I love these <3 My favorites are the last one and the one where you are peeking behind the shelf. I also love the Mother daughter series.

mailli - SOOO fun! love them!

tracey - Love it! Love seeing you in the photos!
And I know that you asked me somewhere about my camera strap??? Can’t remember where you did, but anyway, Stacey bought it for me when we first “met”. I know she got it on Etsy. Drop her an email!

stacey - Got Tracey’s (and my) camera strap off Etsy, she is right. I can email you the link.
And I love the first photo…all of them actually…and LOVE seeing you. 🙂

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