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Matt’s been excited about baking lately– pretzels, breadsticks, donuts, pizza dough (he even tossed the dough in the air!), cupcakes, and caramel rolls.  He’s a wild man, that one, especially on his weekends (when he gets them).  The kids caught the cooking bug and now make their own meals on occasion.  I made Cedar a new apron which he dons proudly during cooking and his scientific “experiments” involving a variety of ingredients from the kitchen.

Oh yes, and the random shot of Matt putting ice in glasses is a regular occurrence around here as well: Not only is this man a baker, but a budding bartender to boot, mixing some creative and tasty beverages for us.

And, on another note, Ashton has been missing her favorite people a lot (so have I), so we made her a peg board with photos to look at and remember (she mentioned forgetting your faces, which made her worried and sad).  So now she says goodnight to us all (including those of you not on the board) each night before she sleeps, and can see and talk to and remember you as much as she needs to.  Though we all suffer the loss of not being near our loved ones, at least we can see some of you every day now.

mailli - sounds like i have an uncle who LOVES scrumptious food and people!
we all miss you guys SOOO much. the neighbors don’t hold candles to how fun it is to be with you guys.

andrea - love those first two photos…so pretty.
Wish my husband liked to bake! Or at least do more than grill. LOL.
Looks like they made some yummy goodies. 🙂

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