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epic woods post

This is a bit of a photo overload.  I often don’t like reading those blog posts that go on and on, and here I am doing it myself.  But our trip to the woods the other day, with it’s overgrown vine-covered archways, deep greens and rich lights and shadows, overcast skies, and lovely pathways just sent me over the edge with wanting to take pictures of my favorite people meandering through it.  I should just give you the two or three best photos, but I simply can’t… and I think that’s OK, as this blog is really a journal to share.  And though most of the photos are of the back of my family’s heads, that’s my view as I chase them through the green forest.  I love that view.  So, for all of you who would like to join us, here is a little diary of our family woods walk.

anna - Love this!

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