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Monthly Archives: August 2013

chasing children

We took our neighbor friends to the river to fish with us.  I’m not much into fishing so I let the adults do the fishing and opted to chase the kids around while they ran, splashed and swam.  As you can see by the photos, what mainly caught my eye was the way Ashton watched […]

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beach moon

We went to the beach in the evening, after waiting all day inside for the outside to cool down enough, and right before that cloud turned into a thunderstorm.  It’s always a cool experience to be at the beach when the moon is big.  The evening after this one, in fact, we went on a […]

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a girl and her dolls

Miss Ashton still loves her dolls, and I love watching her while she’s at it.  I do my best not to intervene usually, but this time she was outside in the tree roots rather than in her room behind a closed door.  She let me take photos for one minute exactly.  She just scored a […]

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river adventure

We discovered, again, the river.  It’s a marvelous thing and a perfect fit for all of us.  Matt got really excited about fishing after we watched those fellows pictured above drag in some huge catches (one of which was a sting ray!), the kids love the warm, calm water and the rocks to climb on, […]

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summer reading treat

Cedar decided to enroll in our library’s summer reading program one day while making our usual library trip.  It seemed pretty cool– all he had to do was keep a log of the books he read, show it to the librarian every time he visited the library, and they gave him a prize.  The prizes […]

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in the neighborhood

These photos show just three of the multitude of little boys we have on our cul-de-sac.  Some days there can be as many as ten kids, all under the age of 9 (only two of which are girls- Ashton, the oldest of them all, is 8 and the other is just 5) out there running […]

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into the spooky forest…

Just a few fun photos today of the woods walk we took recently.  It was a “nature trail” that was completely unmanaged and that people likely never visit, with dead plants everywhere, fallen branches, and giant spiders all over.  We joked about being in a haunted forest and had a fun time wandering through it. […]

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missoula children’s theatre

When I saw a sign that the Missoula Children’s Theatre was holding auditions for Snow White, I pulled the car over and took a photo to text to Matt.  MISSOULA in Mayport, Florida?!  So cool.  Missoula, Montana is the place where Matt and I met, went to college, married, and learned about ourselves in our twenties.  We […]

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gone fishin’

We’ve had several fishing adventures lately, some with just us and some with our friends… and ALL at Florida ponds you can’t get into unless you want to risk a battle with a gator.  It’s tough to be around water you can’t get into when it’s so steamy outside and you’re pouring sweat, but we […]

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