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Whether it’s because of the hot, humid craziness out there, or the daily thunderstorms that roll through, or just because we enjoy it, the kids and I have been spending time at home these days.  We still go out often, of course, to the beach, to homeschool group activities, to errands and doctor/dentist appointments, to the library and outside to play with the neighborhood gang… but being at home is working for these two lately, and it’s fun to watch the interesting things they come up with to fill their time.

On a side note, Matt did recently pass his audition to get into the Navy Band, and now we are waiting to see if and when the Navy will allow him to change over.  Patience and openness is being required, and time will tell.  Hopefully soon we will know.


Andrea - What’s the blue stuff in the first two photos? Looks interesting!
Adore the fourth photo with the open door. Such pretty light.
Congrats to Matt on making it into the Navy band!! 🙂

anna - Magic magic magic. All of it. And you caught it on your camera to cherish forever. Life is sweet.

stacey - Absolutely adore that first photo. And loved seeing a peak into the every day life of your kids.
I know Matt wanted to be in the band. What does this mean for your family?

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