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gone fishin’

We’ve had several fishing adventures lately, some with just us and some with our friends… and ALL at Florida ponds you can’t get into unless you want to risk a battle with a gator.  It’s tough to be around water you can’t get into when it’s so steamy outside and you’re pouring sweat, but we keep giving it a shot anyway, and (sometimes) all of us enjoy it.  Truthfully, it’s kind of Matt’s thing, but we’re working on how to do it in a way that works for everyone.  Next time we will try the river, a place where we can get in the water and where it might offer something for everyone.  While the boys are fishing and I’m wandering around with the dog and the camera, Ashton can often be found digging up worms, playing with her dolls, or… waiting.

Andrea - Sounds like a fun time! 🙂
Beautiful black and whites.

tracey - Ha! That sign in the first photo is certainly not something you’d see here!

jean - I love the LPS! Reminds me of my nieces. So sweet.
Love that she likes digging for worms, too!

stacey - Jessica, I know you’ve heard me say it before but I’m going to say it again. I just love the beautiful simplicity in your photos. I love how you frame things/people. Just lovely.

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