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into the spooky forest…

Just a few fun photos today of the woods walk we took recently.  It was a “nature trail” that was completely unmanaged and that people likely never visit, with dead plants everywhere, fallen branches, and giant spiders all over.  We joked about being in a haunted forest and had a fun time wandering through it.  Interestingly, when we got home, the kids and Matt went right to work learning about those giant spiders and drawing them.  One of these spiders, called a banana spider, we have kept protected for some time on our back porch (it is getting huger and huger, and is about palm sized right now), in order to observe it to see how big it gets and how long it lives.  There is so much life here in Florida, and to be honest it is downright creepy.

stacey - A palm sized spider???????? OMG. Could not handle it.

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