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summer reading treat

Cedar decided to enroll in our library’s summer reading program one day while making our usual library trip.  It seemed pretty cool– all he had to do was keep a log of the books he read, show it to the librarian every time he visited the library, and they gave him a prize.  The prizes were little trinkets and some free hamburgers, a book and a pass to the zoo.  We took his gift card for a free 44 oz. soda (ummmm, yes you read that right– the library gave my 6 year old son a free 44 oz. soda) and offered to trade it with him for an ice cream sundae instead.  He agreed, thankfully.  Ashton, who opted not to participate in the reading program and who has also been reading, got one too.  Cedar, by the way, has been reading everything in sight lately.  He’s very interested in figuring it all out and being a “reader.”

Andrea - Isn’t this a fun age where they read like it’s food to eat or air to breathe?!
Max is a voracious reader! And just loves books!
Just like me. 😉
A 44oz soda?! That made me laugh. The ice cream was a much better deal! 🙂
Beautiful black and whites!

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