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over the river and through the woods…

Well, I mean over the dirt-pile, through the woods and into the river.  That’s just where we brought our sweet neighbor buddies on our date swap (we took those kids and their parents took ours on two consecutive nights) one lovely evening.  Matt fished, I photographed, the dog finally learned to fetch sticks and swim in the water (YAY!!!), and the kids frolicked.  Only once did the toddler almost drown, and then there was the poopy diaper and the carrying of the toddler the long walk back… and I remembered once again that I am happy to have older kids now… but it was a fun and happy night.  Followed by baths, snacks, paints and visiting.

Andrea - Love Ashton’s dress!
And that sunset is just amazing! Beautiful!

stacey - Oh my sunset!! Gorgeous.
And I love that one of all four of them swimming in the water with Ashton’s face in focus.

tracey - I love the light and the white sand and the east coast feel. Such a different sky and sand than my coast! I can also feel the warm air on my skin just by looking at these. And what an amazing sunset!

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